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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ARCH1142 - Re-presenting Representations

Re-presenting Representations consisted on 1 project developed over 4 weeks. The projects were completed in pairs based on word responses to the site (the void between the Chemical Science building and the Law building). My word response was ‘angles’ and my partner’s (Sally J Carpenter) word was ‘time’. Once in pairs, we needed to re-present our representation of the site in the form of 2 x 20mm x 20 mm x 20mm models.

Above: Initial sketches of site

In Week 2, we created some small scale models which worked well. After deciding on a design, we spent the next week trying to figure out how to hinge balsa wood without it looking tacky. This didn’t go so well, and we ended up scrapping our design for something more creatable. In Week 3 we presented this to our tutors, who were disappointed that we hadn’t developed our initial design.

For our final submission, we went back to our original design and made it to scale, with 5mm and 2.5mm balsa wood, using masking tape for the hinges. I made the moving/hinged model (above middle left) and Sally made the static model (above middle right). The images at the far top and bottom above show the moving model in different stages of movement.

With the model, we were required to present shadow drawings of the models. The top three are my shadow drawings of the moving model, and the bottom three are Sally’s drawings of the static model.

Overall – this was my favourite workshop, and I am very happy with the final models that Sally and I created.

ARCH1142 - Rendering

The Rendering workshop consisted of one project to draft plans, 2 x elevations and 1 section of a selected building (Peter Stutchbury – Avalon House) and then render these drawings with a medium of my choice.

This was my first experience with drafting – and it was a struggle. I drafted in pencil first, then drew over this in purple felt tip pen and Posco Paint Markers. I had a lot of fun experimenting the paint markers – which was also the downfall of my project. The main criticism from the tutors was that I used too many colours.